Flow Through Porous Media


Get insights into how fluids are interacting in your reservoir that can help you select which chemicals and additives you should use in the field.


Your Interface Fluid Performance Report breaks down the different aspects of how your fluids interact that are critical to the decisions that you make as a reservoir engineer. We provide data that de-risks your decisions and helps your company succeed.


Fracturing Fluid Optimization

Make better cost-saving completions decisions to help increase hydrocarbon recovery and reduce fracturing fluid costs.  Interface’s flowback fluids screening enable to you to optimize your fracturing fluids spend and avoid fluid dosing and combinations that can potentially damage your reservoir.

Interface Fluidics can help you evaluate a range of down-hole chemicals using your specific reservoir characteristics and fluids to identify top performing additives, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.


Polymer / Surfactant EOR

Chemical Performance Evaluation

Optimize your chemical spend to extract maximum economic value from your polymer injection program.  Interface delivers key insights into how different polymer blends behave in the reservoir. This can help you optimize your chemical spend to extract as much value from your assets as possible.


In situ Polymer Rheology

Mobility and Permeability Reduction

Evaluating resistance factor and residual resistance factor are key metrics that are reservoir specific and must be properly evaluated before implementing a polymer flood.  Interface provides these parameters in a fraction of the time required to perform a traditional core-flood.

Wax Damage

Irreversible Wax Damage and Oil Recovery Impact

Understand the impact temperature has on your reservoir’s ultimate oil recovery by evaluating wax deposition onset conditions and irreversible damage caused by temperature changes.

Thermal Solvent

SAGD Fluid Performance Screening

Properly assess how steam additives can influence your reservoir.  Interface can help you select a solvent, alkaline additive, or non-condensable gas to supplement your steam in the field.

As a result of almost a decade of extensive research, Interface’s SAGD performance evaluation testing has been proven to provide pore-scale level data that shows the mechanisms behind how steam additives work.


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