Faster data.
Better Decisions.
Lower Emissions.

Making extreme condition fluid analysis quick, accurate, and accessible to the energy industry.


Optimize in the unconventional space with our completions, regain conductivity, flow assurance and
SAGD tests.


Validate, model & maximize your EOR and gas injection strategies to better understand the mechanisms that drive oil production.

Miscibility Pressure

Determine miscibility conditions for your gas flooding operation with a variety of gas compositions. Quickly.

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5 Crucial Gaps in Traditional Fluid Testing and How High Pressure, High Temperature Fluid Analysis Delivers Unmatched Value


Access better quality data on a daily basis with our next generation turnkey microfluidic system for your laboratory.

Delivering critical data to oil and gas companies about how fluids behave underground


Interface Fluidics transforms how the energy industry gathers and uses fluid information for more accurate, cost-effective and environmentally-conscious decision making in the field. Our testing technology shows you how fluids behave at the pore scale and provides critical phase behaviour information for building computer reservoir models. Interface solutions have helped the energy industry cut chemical costs, increase ROI, and take the guesswork out of operations – smaller samples also mean less energy use and lower emissions.


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