Video: Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery

Part of our mission at Interface is to help make oil recovery more efficient – particularly through enhanced oil recovery. Using our own reservoir-mimicking analogues, polymers and other EOR fluids can be injected under well-specific conditions to evaluate performance. This screening allows for better field decisions to be made by optimizing chemical type, concentration, slug size, injection rate, and more.

Want to know more about our innovative polymer EOR technology? Check out this new video on our YouTube channel, narrated by senior scientist Scott Pierobon. You can also find more information in other recently posted blogs.

Written by

Jelayne Fortin

I have been with Interface for more than two years, where I’ve worked in the lab, both on the commercial side and in product development. Currently, I’m a technical account manager, providing technical insights to the business team and matching customers with their ideal product. My background is in chemical technology, with previous work in core flooding laboratories.

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