A New Proven Tool for Regain Conductivity

Rockwater Energy Solutions approached Interface to help it overcome the well-known challenges associated with conventional regain conductivity testing: high variability, cost, and long turnaround times. The goal was to develop a solution that could not only overcome these challenges, but also provide additional insight into friction reducer damage and fluid optimization.

“Given the inherent speed of microfluidic testing along with the small sample volume required for testing, our regain conductivity platform can be employed as a suitable diagnostic and screening tool,” says Ali Abedini, Interface’s Executive VP of Technical Operations.

Interface’s screening has the ability to navigate through various friction reducers (FR) at different operating conditions such as FR concentration, brine salinities, presence/absence of breaker, pressure, and temperature, that ultimately provides a more comprehensive insight into FR damage than conventional methods.

Find out more about our experience with Rockwater with our latest case study.

Written by

Jelayne Fortin

I have been with Interface for more than two years, where I’ve worked in the lab, both on the commercial side and in product development. Currently, I’m a technical account manager, providing technical insights to the business team and matching customers with their ideal product. My background is in chemical technology, with previous work in core flooding laboratories.

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