Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Acquires Interface Fluidics’ SapphireLab for Advanced Fluid Analysis

May 3, 2024

CALGARY, Alberta – The Laboratory of Microhydrodynamics and Flow in Porous Media (LMMP/PUC-Rio) from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC Rio) has recently acquired SapphireLab, Interface Fluidics’ groundbreaking microfluidic platform, to enhance its fluid analysis capabilities. SapphireLab, known for its precision and efficiency in fluid property measurements, will be instrumental in advancing the university’s research and development endeavors.

“SapphireLab is revolutionizing how fluid analysis is conducted, and we are thrilled to see its adoption by a prestigious institution like PUC Rio,” said Stuart Kinnear, CEO of Interface Fluidics. “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to advancing fluid analysis technology in academic and research settings.”

SapphireLab’s innovative design allows for on-site, accurate measurements of critical fluid properties, offering benefits like increased efficiency and reduced logistical challenges. The platform is particularly adept at conducting Constant Composition Expansion (CCE) for black oil and retrograde gas condensate, the Swelling Test, the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) test, and advanced measurements for viscosity and density.

Prof. Marcio Carvalho, Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Microhydrodynamics and Flow in Porous Media from PUC-Rio, states, “Integrating SapphireLab into our laboratory research framework underscores our dedication to employing cutting-edge technology in our subsurface studies of enhanced oil recovery and CO2 underground storage. We’re excited about the potential breakthroughs this collaboration with Interface Fluidics will bring.’”

For more information about Interface Fluidics and SapphireLab, please visit https://www.interfacefluidics.com.


About Interface Fluidics

Interface Fluidics, a leader in microfluidic technology, excels in the application of advanced fluid testing. Their innovative solutions, including SapphireLab, enables high pressure, high-temperature reservoir fluid characterizations to determine phase behavior and optimize chemistry spend for the conventional and unconventional sectors. By providing superior data, Interface Fluidics offers valuable visual insights at the microscopic level. Their proprietary technology is reshaping industry practices, increasing ROI, and removing uncertainties from operations, thus cementing Interface Fluidics’ role in setting new industry standards and driving technological advancement.

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