Interface Webinar Series

Join us for our upcoming webinar to understand why Interface Fluidics provides turnkey microfluidic solutions for studying reservoir fluids. Our team of experts will give you a look at the intricate process of designing and integrating various subsystems to achieve high-quality, repeatable results.

Learn about the value of investing in an integrated system, the work that goes into creating SapphireLab, and the flexibility and versatility of the portable bench. Find out why relying on individual components has been limiting the adoption of commercial microfluidics and how Interface has created a sophisticated yet simple-to-use all-in-one platform through years of R&D work.

From fabricating the chip to designing the manifold, selecting the hardware and building the software that connects it all. We’ve innovated, stood on the shoulders of giants, fine-tuned and iterated so you can get a finished product.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about this cutting-edge approach to fluid analysis! Join us on February 22 by clicking on the register button below.

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