Thermal Solvent (SAGD)


SAGD Fluid Performance Screening

Properly assess how steam additives  influence your reservoir. Interface helps you select a solvent, alkaline additive, or non-condensable gas to supplement your steam in the field.

After almost a decade of extensive research, Interface’s SAGD performance evaluation testing is proven to provide pore-scale level data that shows the mechanisms behind how steam additives work.


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Case Study

The Interface Thermal Solvent Test uses a reservoir analogue, in place of core, in a test similar to sand pack testing. The analogue is designed and fabricated to have a porous pattern replicating the inherent geometries of a specific reservoir. It is filled with water, then bitumen, to establish initial saturations. Testing is conducted under controlled conditions, including steam temperature and pressures.

Interface’s technology platform offers advantages in the evaluation of solvent performance for SAGD. The system’s optical-access enables first-of-its-kind visual insights into asphaltene deposition, steam chamber growth, and steam-to-oil ratio at the pore-scale.

A window into your reservoir

Your fluids matter. We expose fluid behaviour, quantify effectiveness, demystify mechanisms and increase both economic and environmental performance of reservoirs. Shine a light on your fluid dynamics. We’ll bring precision to your fluid injection decisions and savings and sustainability to your operations.