Regain Conductivity

A rapid regain alternative

Reducing cost and time while increasing run-to-run repeatability would be a step change in how friction reducers are evaluated and potentially revolutionize the formation damage measurement industry.

regain conductivity nanotechnology

Case Study

Selecting a suitable fracturing fluid system is critical to your treatment’s success and plays an essential role in reducing formation damage. Interface’s Regain Conductivity screening optimizes friction reducer performance by quantifying FR damage and evaluating fluid compatibility to minimize operational cost and risk. 

The result is eight times faster and 50% less expensive, with more repeatable data to mitigate reservoir damage caused by friction reducer in your fracking operation.

Using Interface Technology for Friction Reducer Optimization

Case Study

Rockwater Energy Solutions, a chemical and logistics solutions provider in the United States, has a unique understanding of the specialized needs of its clients. The company offers a wide range of products for well completion and stimulation, with targeted research and expertise to ensure the best product reaches the market. Part of the evaluation that goes into launching a new product – or optimizing an existing one – is to quantify and mitigate friction reducer damage.

regain conductivity interface fluidics
mmp chip
flowback interface fluidics

A New Platform for Regain Conductivity

Case Study

Ovintiv is a leading North American energy producer, keen on driving innovation within industry. Quantifying friction reducer performance is a necessary part of Ovintiv’s workflow, playing an essential role in reducing formation damage and optimizing flowback. Ovintiv and Interface together recognized an opportunity to address the technical challenges, such as high variability, and inefficiencies associated with proppant pack testing using Interface’s microfluidic technology.

A window into your reservoir

Your fluids matter. We expose fluid behaviour, quantify effectiveness, demystify mechanisms and increase both economic and environmental performance of reservoirs. Shine a light on your fluid dynamics. We’ll bring precision to your fluid injection decisions and savings and sustainability to your operations.