Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP)
and Composition


Rapid measurements for gas flooding

Quickly determine miscibility conditions for your gas flooding operation with a variety of gas compositions. MMP measurements provide you the minimum pressure required for miscible oil displacement in your reservoir. This critical measurement helps you avoid unwanted early gas breakthrough, which reduces oil recovery.


Developed in partnership with Equinor, this test is proven to deliver accurate results in as little as 30 minutes with as little as 0.1ml of oil sample per data point.

Multi-Contact Miscibility

Interface Fluidics’ technology platform offers several advantages over the conventional slim tube method to evaluate miscibility conditions incorporating a wide range of solvents. Interface Fluidics’ optical access enables first-of-its-kind visual insights into the oil displacement, solvent-oil interface phenomena, and asphaltene deposition. A smaller test footprint allows more rapid testing than a conventional slim tube.

Interface’s technology:

  • reduces measurement time by 95%;
  • reduces sample volume by 99%;
  • eliminates the need for interpolation of results by increasing the number of measurements taken per sample by 10-20X. 
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Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP)


The team at Equinor approached Interface with a challenge – develop a replacement for slim tube testing for the determination of Minimum Miscibility Pressure. The measurement is critical in all of Equinor’s fields where gas injection is used or will be implemented. But the cost, time, and logistics associated with the traditional measurement technique was prohibitive.

In close collaboration with Equinor on design, Interface developed a slim-tube style microfluidic device. It was validated by measuring the minimum miscibility pressure of three live oil samples and selected gas mixtures from different fields with different mechanisms.

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A window into your reservoir

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