Fracturing Fluid Optimization

Make better cost-saving completions decisions that help increase hydrocarbon recovery and reduce fracturing fluid costs. Interface’s flowback fluids screening enables you to optimize your fracturing fluids spend and avoid fluid dosing and combinations that can damage your reservoir.

Interface Fluidics helps you evaluate a range of down-hole chemicals using your specific reservoir characteristics and fluids to identify top performing additives, allowing you to make faster, data-driven decisions.

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Novel Oil Flow Enhancement Chemistry for Unconventional Formations Evaluated and Optimized by Cutting Edge Methodology

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Nanofluidic Analysis of Flowback Enhancers for the Permian Basin: Unconventional Method for Unconventional Rock

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Reservoir-on-a-Chip Technology Opens a New Window Into Oilfield Chemistry

Fracturing Fluid Performance Screening


Interface’s nanotechnology platform helps operators realize additional recovery by optimizing fluid performance. The platform identifies top fluid additives, quantifying their relative performance and compatibility with other fluids, for increased confidence in completions decisions.

Interface’s physical reservoir analogs are used in place of core, on the platform. These analogs are representative of the reservoir’s geology and saturated with each wells oil and water. Our fabrication process enables a wide range of geometries and pore networks to be replicated with precision to sub-50 nm pore size. To capture the surface properties of the reservoir material, system wettability is modified in 10° contact angle increments to achieve oil-wet, mixed-wet, and water-wet systems.

In addition to representative porous media, all testing is run at reservoir temperature, pressure, and fluid flow rates. The platform’s measurements are precise due to the high level of system control, a well-documented advantage of nanofluidic systems.

Rapid Evaluation of Stimulation Fluids Performance on Reservoir Analogues

Case Study

Microfluidics – when adapted for oil and gas – is a technology that helps the energy industry evaluate an array of stimulation products and their compatibility with individual reservoirs for specific applications down-hole.

This paper outlines the benefits of microfluidics analysis, how a large multinational operator applied it, and how it impacted decisions being made in the field.

Traditional lab testing employed for evaluating stimulation fluids can take months in a tight shale core and poses limitations to repeatability and the understanding of why a fluid behaves a certain way. The technology evaluated in this testing allows for a rapid, visual understanding of the fluid-fluid interaction under reservoir representative conditions, allowing for quick data-driven decision making.

A window into your reservoir

Your fluids matter. We expose fluid behaviour, quantify effectiveness, demystify mechanisms and increase both economic and environmental performance of reservoirs. Shine a light on your fluid dynamics. We’ll bring precision to your fluid injection decisions and savings and sustainability to your operations.