About Interface Fluidics

Making extreme condition fluid analysis quick, accurate, and accessible to the energy industry.

What our clients say

"Interface's Regain Conductivity solution provides us with a novel tool to make better decisions for our completions. We are faced each day with new and innovative products that could have major impacts on our economics, and this method gives us another platform to guide our decisions more confidently."
Ashley Kalenchuk, Completions Advisor at Ovtintiv
"In a sea of surfactant marketing claims, Interface's work has provided me an informed position from which to move forward on field scale trials."
Michael Mast, Technical Completions Lead at Primexx Energy Partners Lta
"Interface's minimum miscibility pressure measurement is a disruptive technology that has changed how we work at Equinor. MMP measurements are now cost effective and timely which has changed them from a nice to have to a need to have for our team."
Tao Yang, Reservoir Technology Specialist at Equinor
"Interface's Regain Conductivity solution will be our preferred screening tool going forward, helping us quickly screen for damage potential and determine fluid compatibility.
Brian Price, VP of Technology & Strategic Optimism at Rockwater Energy Solutions
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Our Mission

We are a technology company providing energy industry clients insights into the interactions and properties of reservoir fluids to help them improve their financial performance, reduce their carbon footprint and ensure the responsible development of their oil and gas assets.

Our Values


Interface is a product of amazing Canadian and International startup ecosystems. We started with seed funding from US and Canadian individuals and funds and have grown with backing from Norwegian, American, and Omani venture capital.

Join our team

Interface Fluidics is a rapidly growing company changing the way the oil and gas industry does business. Why not grow with us? 

We love collaboration, new ideas, and care about building a diverse team culture of fearless industry disruptors.